2015 Honda CR-V Review

The initial introduction of the CR-V into the market by Honda
was in 1995. Since its conception and introduction, the CR-V
has been modified in engine size and the exterior outlooks.The
fourth generation 2015 Honda CR-V has
a new CVT transmission and a new engine which is superior and
much more efficient than its predecessors.


2015 Honda-CR-V It has a sculpted
appearance with new headlights comprising of LED lights which
run during the day complementing the piece of silver trim along
the lower front fascia.On the side this model has a third
V-shaped window which has an accent line similar to its long
taillights. At the rear the SUV has a large rear glass and a
chrome trim.

This 2015 Honda CR-V version also has an assist system which
helps it keep lanes while driving,a lane watch system and a
sensor warning to avoid any forward collision.The braking
system on the vehicle is the collision mitigation type.This
enhances the safety of this car while driving as it is easily
controllable even at top speeds.

2015 Honda-CR-V

This model has a wheelbase of 103.1 inches. The 2-wheel drive
version has a ground clearance of 6.4 inches with a height of
64.7 inches while the all-wheel drive has a clearance of 6.8
inches with a height of 65.1 inches. The vehicle’s length is
179.4 inches and the width is 71.6 inches. The front track in
the 2WD is 62.1 inches while that of the AWD is 62.0 inches.
The rear track of the AWD is 62.0 inches while that of the 2WD
is 62.2 inches.

The FWD has a curb weight of 3358 lbs while the AWD has a curb
weight of 3479 lbs. The front and rear weight distribution is
59% and 41% respectively for the 2WD while that of the AWD is
58% and 42% respectively.


2015 Honda-CR-V
This version has a standard console at the center with a
legible gauge cluster. At the center stack, a 7-inch
infotainment touchscreen system is available.It has a seating
capacity of 5 leaving a very large room for cargo with the
60/40 folding hind seats assisting in creation of more space
for cargo.

It has improved telematics which comprise of advanced Honda
links and has a multi-gesture supporting screen. Gestures like
swiping and pinching are used for information control on
numerous interfaces all through the system.The system also has
Pandora,Bluetooth and SMS text messaging.

It has a passenger volume of 104.1 cubic feet with 41.3 inches
front legroom and 38.3 inches rear legroom. The front headroom
is 39.9 inches while the rear headroom is 38.6 inches.The front
shoulder room and hip room are 58.6 inches and 54.5 inches
respectively.The rear shoulder room and hip room are 56.4
inches and 53.1 inches respectively.


2015 Honda-CR-V-engine
Under the hood is a 2.4 liter in-line 4-cylinder direct
injection engine. It has 185 horsepower at 6400rpm and produces
181lb-ft of torque at 3900rpm.The engine block is made of
aluminum alloy with a cylinder bore of 87mm and a stroke of
99.1mm.It has a displacement of 2356cc with a compression ratio
of 11.1:1.It has a 16-valve DOHC train.Due to the presence of
the CVT transmission, it achieves 34 mpg highway,29 mpg
combined and 27 mpg city for the front wheel drive while the
AWD achieves 33/28/26 mpg on the same loop.It has a top speed
of 112 mph with a 0-60 mph time of 8.8 seconds.

Price and Release date

From this review it is evident that the new Honda crv
 is superior to its predecessors. Honda
CRV price is expected to range from $23,320 to around
$30,000.It will be released into the market within the first
quarter of 2015.