2016 Mercedes Vision Maybach 6 Concept

The 2016 Mercedes Vision Maybach 6 Concept: Is this the Future
of Luxury Cars? In its heydays, the Maybach brand was the
epitome of luxury haulers. However, the brand was dropped and
after lying idle for over 70 years, Mercedes revived it in the
early 2000s as a means of competing with the Rolls-Royce and
Bentley.  However, the brand was not as successful as
expected and was later relegated to the ultra luxurious models
of the S Class.

However, the automaker seems to be ready to position the brand
for its ultimate luxurious models if the new 2016 Mercedes
Vision Maybach 6 Concept is anything to go by. The “6” on the
concept refers to its almost 6-meter length. The Concept is a
2-door coupe that presents Mercedes future of ultimate luxury
models. You will be surprised to learn that the model is not
wholly autonomous. According to the automaker, analogue
equipments will remain sustainable as driving, as a way of
deriving pleasure will continue for a long time to come. The
car is fully electric.


2016 Mercedes Vision Maybach 6 Concept Exterior

The Coupe comes at a whopping 18.5 feet long. The hood itself
is as nearly long as the roof.  At the front, the car
features a Mercedes badge on its hood while on the grille it
features a “Maybach” script, the only features it shares with
current Mercedes-Benz models.

The grille features a huge waterfall-looking element with a
chrome finish, a feature last seen on models of the 1930s. The
automaker points out that the grille draws inspiration from
pinstriped suits. The grille is flanked by thin stripped LED
headlights, a first for any Mercedes. There is also a huge
chrome finished splitter and two huge air intakes below the
grille. Towards the sides of the bumper, the concept also
features two smaller outlets.


On the sides, the concept features gullwing doors making it the
first Maybach model to spot such kind of doors. The concept
rides on a set of 24-inch wheels with body-colored, transparent
shields.  Thin cameras replace traditional side mirrors, a
feature that has helped to improve the models aerodynamics. On
The other hand, the roof sits low which gives the coupe a sleek

The rear features an almost V-shaped fascia. The vehicle
features thin LED taillights that stretch the entire rear
fascia. A center fin descends from the roof towards the
Mercedes emblem. In so doing, the fin splits the rear window
into two parts, a feature derived from models of the 1930s.


2016 Mercedes Vision Maybach 6 Concept Interior

The Vision 6 cabin follows in the footsteps of the designs we
have seen in other Mercedes concept’s futuristic
cockpits.  The cabin features state-of-the-art futuristic
technology that is expected to feature in production models in
the near future. This is contrasted by the luxurious and
comfort levels that go along with the Maybach badge.


The first thing that one notices is the vehicle’s huge front
seats which look comfortable with generous legroom. The cabin
features a host of touch-screens and displays which include the
door panels, the dash and even the windshield. The dashboard is
very attractive. It features a wraparound background display
which runs into door panels. The dashboard features two digital
gauges located behind the steering wheel. The center section of
the dash features a blue lighting which runs into the door
panels and blends with the upper part of the screen display.

The windshield displays important information of the car; it
also displays a navigation map. The information is adjusted by
gestures. The center tunnel and the steering column are
transparent. In addition, the center tunnel features a floating
design which displays the vehicle’s electrical energy flow.


The vehicle also comes with autonomous drive capability which
is expected of many new concepts. The seats are upholstered in
a quality material with a Chesterfield finish along with a Rose
Gold accenting. Authentic wood trim is featured on the dash and
door panels. The floor is finished in elm (palest open-pore
wood).  The luggage area is customized to fit two sets of
suitcases which are tailored specially for the vehicle.


Engine specs and performance

Mercedes has not released details about the engine that will
power the Concept. However, the automaker has revealed that the
drive-train will be all-electric. The automaker also went on to
reveal that the drive-train will pump out 737 horses which will
power the vehicle to reach 60 mph from standstill in less than
4 seconds. Its top speed will be electronically limited at 155
mph. It electric range will take the battle straight to the
Tesla Model
S, as the model will be able to cover 200 miles.

The batteries will be recharged via a quick-charge function the
automaker terms as “visionary”. The function has a charging
capacity of up to 350 kW which enables the cart to add a charge
to cover an extra 62 miles in only 5 minutes. The vehicle can
be charged through a cable connection or an electromagnetic


Price and release date

The concept was unveiled during the recent Concours d’Elegance
festivities at the Pebble Beach. Being a concept, no price was
mentioned but don’t expect it to come cheap if it makes it into