2017 BMW Alpina B7

BMW’s decision not to build a new generation of the all famous
M7 left many fans sad to this day. However, fans can take
consolation from the new generation of the BMW Alpina B7. The
model made its debut at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show and has set a
new performance standard in the luxurious sports saloons

The new 2017 BMW Alpina B7 with extraordinary performance of a
whopping 600 horses which enables it to run from standstill to
60 mph in 3.7 seconds can put many dedicated sports cars to
shame. This is courtesy of the automakers tuner “Alpina” which
has been making BMW models run faster for over half a decade
now. Read along to find out more on this supercar in sedan



2017 BMW Alpina B7 Exterior

The exterior is very stylish and modern characterized by an
athletic flair and elegance. The sedan is very aerodynamic
which point at its huge performance. The designers of the model
managed to craft a perfect balance between the front and rear
spoilers which has enhanced its powerful aura.

The sedan features either an Alpina blue metallic or Alpina
green metallic paint finish. These two color trims are
particularly reserved for BMW-Alpina tuned models. Buyers can
however choose BMW individual paint finishes.


At the front, the vehicle features the signature BMW kidney
grille with double chromed vertical slats. It is flanked by
adaptive LED headlights. The grille is integrated with an air
flap control system which opens when needed to cool the engine
and shuts to reduce the level of aerodynamic drag to improve
efficiency.  The front also features a redesigned bumper
integrated with LED fog lights.

At the rear, the 2017 BMW Alpina B7 is hooked up with an Alpina
sports exhaust system with two elliptical twin tailpipes
further showing its massive performance capability. The pipes
are cleverly fixed in the rear apron resulting in a clean and
elegant rear look.

The model also comes with the famous Alpina Deco-set
(decorative stripes) which is very important in Alpina
heritage. The stripes which come in either silver or gold can
be applied on the front and/or on the sides.

To finish off an excellent design is a set of 20-spoke 20-inch
Alpina classic light alloy wheels. 21-nch wheels are offered as
an option.


2017 BMW Alpina B7 Interior

Sliding inside you will find a lavish design featuring latest
BMW technologies. Add an array of Alpina attributes and the
cabin becomes a luxurious haven. The cabin features an
exclusive Alpina trim featuring a modern piano polish or fine
wood with B7 logos. For extra dose of luxury, you can go for
the finest Lavalina trim or even a sporty carbon leather trim.


The instrument cluster features a slight blue background
contrasted with red needles. Its speedometer is perfectly
placed and is easy to read at any time. The speedometer is also
supported by an extra digital speed display. The steering wheel
on the B7 is hand-finished and is wrapped in fine Lavalina
leather with a traditional Blue and green traditional
stitching. All seats are heated with the driver and front
passenger seats featuring lumbar support and a massaging

The steering wheel is also integrated with ergonomic
Switch-Tronic shift buttons on the rear side. Buyers will have
an option to customize the steering wheel.

Other features include metal emblems on seat backrests and also
on floor mats, custom tread plates and embossing to name just
but a few. Technology features such as Bluetooth connectivity,
Smartphone integration will be availed along with a quality
infotainment system integrates Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and
a navigation system.

The vehicle will also be offered with dynamic traction control,
dynamic stability control, ABS, a rearview camera and a package
of driving aids that includes lane keep assist, blind-spot
monitoring ,tire-pressure monitoring, electro-mechanical
parking brake and forward collision warning among others.


Engine Specs and Performance

With competitors having had upped the power game, BMW engineers
too had to improve things under the hood and make it produce
more juice. This is despite the current model being no slouch
at 540 hp and 538 lb-ft of torque.

Alpina engineers used the latest xDrive and tweaked the
twin-turbocharged V-8 mill to produce a whopping 600 hp and 590
lb-ft of torque. This engine is also shared with the 750i but
unlike the Alpina B7, The 750i unit produces 445 hp. The engine
is also mated to the 750i sourced 8-speed automatic
transmission which has been modified with Alpina’s shift


Now, with that huge power upgrade, it means performance numbers
must be incredible. The sedan hits 0-60 mph in a quick 3.6
seconds up from on its way to a 193 mph top speed. This makes
this full-size luxurious sedan quicker than many sports cars.
The impressive performance is enhanced by the addition of
Alpina’s own intake intercooler as well as a new turbocharger

Price and release date

During the launch, both BMW and Alpina remained tightlipped
about the new B7 price only disclosing that pricing details
will be announced when the model nears sale date.  Expect
the model to cost slightly more than the current Alpina B7
Biturbo which starts at $ 164,902 and €147,300 in Europe.



The new Jaguar XJ
which goes on sale this year will be the major rival of the
Alpina B7. The Alpina B7 will also have to contend with the
Audi S8 Plus which is already on sale. The Mercedes-Benz
AMG S63 will also have something to say in this high-dollar
sedan market segment.