2017 Honda NSX

The Honda NSX  which is sold in some markets as the Acura
NSX was Honda’s first ever halo car. The supercar was first
unveiled in 1990. At the time, it expressed Honda’s intentions
in the supercar segment. Unfortunately, the automaker
discontinued the model in 2005. However, the automaker has been
plotting a model to revive the brand for the last five years.
The first revelation of the model was way back in 2012, when
the automaker showcased the NSX in concept form at the Detroit
Auto Show and a production version at the same show last year.
Now, NSX enthusiasts can sigh with relief as the new 2017 Honda
NSX is finally out.  Recently, the first model rolled off
Honda’s factory in Ohio. The lucky owner is Rick Hendrick, a
NASCAR team owner and a car collector. Rick paid a cool $1.2
million for the car during an auction earlier in January to win
the honors for the first NSX. Proceeds for the auction were
however donated to charity.

The lucky owner is Rick Hendrick, a NASCAR team owner and a car
collector. Rick paid a cool $1.2 million for the car during an
auction earlier in January to win the honors for the first NSX.
Proceeds for the auction were however donated to charity.


Boy! The new model is quite something; Honda has hooked it up
with some serious racing credentials. The best feature about
the mode is the fact that it can approach as quietly as your
regular street car courtesy of its hybrid drive-train. Read
along to find out more about this elegant racer from Honda:


2017 Honda NSX Exterior

When crafting the new model, Honda wanted to ensure they met
the high standard established by the original model which was a
favorite among enthusiasts and collectors.  The new model
is quite a beauty; some people say it looks like a blend
between a McLaren
650LT and Audi R8.

Although very aggressive, its elegant stance is sure to turn
heads wherever it goes. The original model was dubbed the first
all-aluminum supercar. The new model continues in this trend by
using a space-frame design that utilizes aluminum,
high-strength steel and other stiff but light materials. Its
floor is made of carbon fiber which makes it ultra-rigid.


At the front, the model has an intimidating look characterized
by functional air intakes, a pair of sharp blades on the
bumpers and LED headlights. Looking at the model from the rear,
you would never believe it is a hybrid as it features not one
or two but 4 central exhaust tips. The rear also features LED
taillights and a diffuser adopted from racing cars.

Its black-colored roof and wide-set taillights are adopted from
the original version.

The front and rear suspensions are fully aluminum. Stopping
power comes from six-piston front calipers and 4-piston rear
ones which grip carbon ceramic brakes. The NSX rides on a set
of 19-inch alloy wheels at the front and 20-inch alloys at the
rear. The wheels are wrapped in Continental ContiSportContact

The new 2017 Honda NSX will be available in 8 exterior colors.


2017 Honda NSX Interior

Inside, the NSX is very comfortable. Though the seats are
customized to grip you and your passenger when you decide to
venture into speeds above 150 mph, they are comfortable.

The cabin also features numerous knobs and buttons that aid the
driver when one decides to take the model on the race trucks. A
TFT screen on the instrument cluster which displays important
information of the vehicle.  Leather is the standard
upholstery material but there is an option for two other


The model released featured bright red leather upholstery but
there is an option for three other interior colors. Heating and
climate controls are placed on the center console  
which is located below the touch-screen.

For easier driving, the vehicle features Integrated Dynamics
System dial control which allows the driver to chose between
its modes (Quiet, Sport, Sport Plus and Track).

For fast starts, the model features a launch mode which
utilizes both the V-6 engine and power from the electric


Engine Specs and performance

I know you are eager to know what powers the NSX. Well, Honda
has hooked up the model with a hybrid engine setup.  The
system features a turbocharged 3.5 L, V-6 engine. This engine
produces 500 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque.  The engine
combines with electric motors to produce a combined 573 hp and
476 lb-ft of torque.

The power is sent to all wheels via a 9-speed dual clutch
transmission system. To put this power output into perspective,
the model accelerates from 0-60 mph in just 3 seconds and can
reach a top speed of 191 mph.  Extra juice from the
electric motors is stored on the model’s 1.3 kWh battery pack.


The energy stored helps you to go all out in straight stretches
of the road; the battery recharges when you slow down at the
corners. The model also features driving modes that suit
different driving scenarios. This enables you to approach
stealthily like a normal coupe in the quiet mode but if you
want to create an impression that you are driving a serious
car, turning on the Sport Plus mode does the trick as it opens
up the V-6 engine to an amazing growl. A few revs while on this
mode is sure to turn all heads on the street.

The model is also very efficient with Honda expecting rating it
to return in excess of 28 mpg on combined drives.


Price and release date

Though the automaker has already released the first car, sales
won’t commence until spring. Honda seems to have hit the
jackpot with the NSX as the model has already sold out in some

In UK for example, the NSX is sold out for the next 2 years.
The supercar has a starting price of $157,800. Opting for
extras can push that price to over $200,000. Enthusiasts
 are now hoping the automaker will release the hotter and
more race-focused NSX Type R.