2017 Jeep CUV

Jeep is in the process of developing a new generation of its
C-segment crossover. According to rumor mills, the
new 2017 Jeep CUV will replace the aging Jeep Compass and
Patriot. There are scarce details about the model as of this
writing but according to the spy shots we have, the new model
looks more advanced than either the Compass or the Patriot.

We expect the new crossover SUV to come with a new powertrain,
a modern interior and a lighter body as a result of use of
lightweight materials in its construction. It is still not
clear what name tag the crossover will carry with some rumors
advancing either the Compass or patriot name with others saying
that the automaker will use a new nomenclature.

Jeep is hoping to achieve similar success with the C-Class
segment as it has achieved with the Renegade in the C-segment.
The new 2017 Jeep CUV is meant to eliminate the redundancy of
the current models and introduce a fresh and streamlined face.


2017 Jeep CUV Exterior

The new 2017 Jeep CUV will likely ride on a similar platform as
the renegade but it will be stretched and widened to fit the
CUV’s bigger body.

The mule undergoing testing was under heavy camouflage, so,
only a few features are clear. Its new profile features rounded
nose that looks like that of the Land Rover LR2. The lower
front fascia looks like the one on the Jeep Cherokee. Its
roofline dips slightly towards the D-Pillar in a way that it
does not affect the comfort of second row passengers or
significantly affect cargo space.

The only visible part of the mule was the small rear window on
the tailgate. The rear also features plastic fender flairs
which mean the model will be equipped for off-road terrain. Its
break-over as well as departure angles also hint at its
off-road capability. Higher trims will feature radar cruise
control which is evidenced by the radar cruise control eye
place low on the right side of the front bumper.


2017 Jeep CUV Interior

The interior is still a mystery. However, we expect the
interior to be modern with high quality materials. Its seats
will be comfortable and will have position settings. At the
front, we expect a center console with a new design language
along with new technological features.

Other features will include an updated infotainment system,
audio system, Smartphone integration, Bluetooth connectivity,
USB ports among others. The vehicle will also feature a number
of driving aids to improve is safety offering. We will give
more updates once we have clearer shots.

Engine Specs

According to rumors, the new Jeep will feature a new
powertrain. The unit being fronted is a direct-injected 2.0 L,
turbocharged 4-cylinder which is christened “Hurricane”. The
automaker is yet to reveal the engine’s output and fuel
consumption details.

However, we believe the engine will have an output of between
160 hp and 185 hp and between 148 lb-ft of torque and 171 lb-ft
of torque. The vehicle will be offered in FWD as standard with
a 6-speed manual transmission. It is likely that FCA will offer
an optional 4WD to help it in rough terrains but it is not
clear which 4WD system it will use considering the automaker
has a number of them. The automaker could even develop a new
system for the new CUV. The 4WD system will be paired with ZF’s
9-speed automatic system.


Price and release date

Just as with the other specs, price and release date details
are yet to be released by Jeep. However, we believe the model
will be released in the second half of 2016 as a 2017 model
year vehicle. The new Jeep price will fall between the Renegade
and Cherokee whose prices starts at $ 17,990 and $23,395. So
expect the CUV to start at around $ 18, 500.


Top rivals of the new C-segment Jeep will be the
Honda HR-V and Subaru XV CrossTrek.