2017 McLaren 570 GT

McLaren has joined the club of Ferrari and Porsche in making
cars that are fully-fledged supercars but specifically tuned
for every day driving. The model dubbed the 2017 McLaren 570 GT
is specifically designed to provide ultimate luxury. Unlike the
hardcore 570 S on which it is based, the 570 GT is targeted to
those buyers looking for a supercar they can use daily even to
go to work. Read along to find out more:


2017 McLaren 570 GT Exterior

The exterior look is similar to that of the 570 S. Since its
engine is located at the rear, the trunk is located at the
front. As such, instead of a hood, we have a front trunk lid
which comes with strong crease lines which streamline airflow
over the fenders. To further improve its aerodynamics, aero
blades below the model’s bumper are angled to create an area of
high pressure just ahead of radiators.

On the sides, the model still comes with the stylish dihedral
doors and smaller air intakes on the rear fenders. To
differentiate the model from its siblings, McLaren has used
body-colored door inserts.


The rear is where much has changed.  The automaker has
replaced the conventional, top-hinged tail-gate with a
side-hinged glass hatch.  The designers reasoned that a
conventional one would have forced them to use an obstructive
gas strut. The new arrangement also reduces chances of one
accidentally touching the hot exhaust. One can also reach the
trunk from the inside by folding the seats forward. This
feature affected the vehicle’s aerodynamics and the automaker
had to add a slightly taller rear spoiler (10 mm more) compared
to the 570 S to recover the aerodynamics.

The grille has been slightly revised but other features are
similar to those of the 570 S. It rides on 15-spoke alloy
wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero tires. One can also opt for
the P Zero Corsa tires.

At 178.34 inches long, 82.48 inches wide and 47.28 inches tall,
the model matches the 570 S. The model’s wheelbase spans 105.11
inches just like the 570 S. It has a curb weight of 2,976 lbs.


2017 McLaren 570 GT Interior

On the inside, the model looks identical to the 570 S. Just
like the 570 S, the 570 GT features a new fixed glass panoramic
sunroof which is composed of 18% transmission tint. 
Further, the roof features a Sound and Solar Film which absorbs
solar radiation and acts as an extra insulation. The model is
also equipped with an upgraded dual-zone climate control

Well, the most interesting feature is its rear storage
compartment. Since the model engine is situated at the rear,
you may assume there is no rear cargo compartment but
surprisingly the automaker has placed it above the engine
bay.  The compartment which is christened the “Touring
Deck” is accessed by opening the side-opening glass hatch
discussed above. The compartment is covered in leather and has
a whole 7.8 cubic feet of space.  In total, the sports car
offers 13.1 cubic feet of cargo space since the front cargo
compartment adds 5.3 cubic feet of storage space which a lot
for a sports car.


To set the cabin apart from its siblings, the automaker has
added a McLaren Audio Plus sound system which features 8
speakers, a 12-speaker Bowers & Wilkins sound system is
offered as an option. Due to a modified exhaust system, the
cabin is quieter than that of its siblings. There is also an
option to customize the interior with either Sport or Luxury

Other features of the 570S remain. They include an infotainment
system with a touch-screen display, a TFT for the instrument
cluster, carbon-fiber inserts and sports seats which are
upholstered in premium leather; the seats are also heated and
are 8-way power adjustable.


Engine Specs and performance

Under the hood, the 570 GT packs some awesome amount of power.
The juice comes from a twin-turbocharged 3.8L, V-8 which
produces 562 horses and 443 lb-ft of torque. The juice is
channeled to the rear wheels via a 7-speed, dual clutch
transmission system. Due to its 81 lbs heavier curb weight, the
model is a bit slower than the 570 S.

It runs from 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds which is 2 tenths slower
than the 570 S.  However, the 570 GT has a similar top
speed of 204 mph. Just like the 570 S, the 570GT features
Normal, Sport and Track modes. The Normal mode is specifically
tuned suit long-distance drives.

In terms of fuel economy, the model is rated at 16 mpg city, 23
mpg on highway and 19 mpg on combined drive.


Price and release date

The McLaren does not come cheap even though it’s an
everyday-use supercar.  You will have to part with a
whopping $ 199,850 which is $ 14,950 more than its sibling, the
570 S.

The model will go on sale starting this July (2016). There are
reports that there will be a cheaper version of the model based
on the 540 C but it will be sold only in Europe.


The 2017 McLaren 570 GT is not the only supercar you can rush
to your grocery store or to your sport club in. The likes of
the Ferrari
California T and the Porsche
911 Turbo are also specifically made for everyday driving
needs and will be the biggest rivals to the McLaren 570GT.