2017 Tesla Model S

In the past, Tesla always created fanfare before a scheduled
launch of any of its models. However, this time round, the
automaker just released photos of its new 2017 Tesla Model S
luxury sedan.

The model S, the model that replaced the flagship Roadster has
experienced good sales in the market since its launch and not
wanting to repair what is not broken, the automaker has almost
kept everything as it is in the outgoing model. The American
automaker hopes the new version will even attract more buyers
as the EV market keeps on expanding.

The model features just subtle upgrades but the minor changes
represent the first major facelift the model has received since
its maiden debut in 2012. Read along to find out more:

2017 Tesla Model S Exterior

Tesla has only refined the exterior profile of the 2017 Tesla
model S to make it look sportier. Unlike the outgoing model
which featured a chromed strip where a grille is supposed to be
in conventional models, the 2017 model features a slim black
line and a Tesla badge on the middle.  It also features
sharper headlights adopted from the
Model X. The lights feature adaptive LED bulbs. The rest of
the front fascia remains smooth except for the slightly taller
air-dam between its two corner vents.

On the sides, the model is identical to the outgoing version.
Similarly, the rear is identical to the outgoing model except
for a small chrome accent on the bottom of the diffuser. The
exhaust tips on the other hand…oops! My mind veered off for a
second, this is a fully electric and doesn’t emit harmful
gases…it doesn’t emit anything at all.

Other features remain including the chrome strip between the
taillights with the “TESLA” lettering.  The Model S rides
on a set of 10-spoke, 19-inch Silver Slipstream wheels as
standard. However, if you want to add more character to your
Model S you can opt for 10-spoke 19-inch Cyclone wheels at only
$2,500 extra or the 10-spoke, 21-inch Turbine wheels which are
offered in either gray or silver at $ 4,500.

The model is offered with a body-colored roof as standard. An
all-glass panoramic roof is offered at an extra cost for those
looking to install a roof rack. The vehicle is offered in Solid
White and Solid Black colors as standard. Midnight Silver
Metallic, Obsidian Black Metallic, Deep Blue, Titanium Metallic
and Red Multi-coat are offered as premium options worth $


2017 Tesla Model S Interior

Just like with the exterior, the interior is barely changed.
Once you slid inside, you will immediately notice the model’s
17-inch display screen which controls almost every function of
the vehicle. The center console has been raised a little and
now features a storage compartment in the middle where a gear
shifter would normally be located be were the model S a
conventional car. Cup holders are still offered on the center
console. The cabin is offered in two new color trims which are
Dark Ash Wood and Figured Ash Wood.

New 2017 Tesla Model S Interior with a list of colors and materials

New 2017 Tesla Model S Interior with a list of colors
and materials

I expected the automaker to bolster the seats further to
provide more support when one decides to go all out flying
on  the ”Ludicrous” mode. Rather, the automaker has not
altered the design and upholstery of the seats. For an improved
interior trim, buyers can opt for optional upgrades which
include Alcantara headliner, Nappa leather trim on armrests and
ambient interior lighting which are offered on the Premium

In addition, there is another package dubbed the Subzero
Weather Package which features a heated steering wheel and
heated front and rear seats. This package also features wash
nozzle heaters and wiper blade defrosters. For audiophiles, the
Tesla Model S also features an Ultra High Fidelity Sound
Package which packs a large audio amplifier, a subwoofer and 12
speakers. What’s more, this system comes with SiriusXM radio.

Tesla has hooked up the model with a Hepa air filtration system
similar to the one on the Model X. The system is said to be
over a hundred times better than current filters on luxury
cars. It removes 99.97% of pollution particles before they
enter the cabin.


Engine Specs and Performance

Buyers will chose between three drive-trains.  The base
Model S70 is equipped with a 70 kWh battery pack. This model is
offered in RWD. This battery pack offers a range of 230 miles
and the drive-train powers the vehicle to sprint from 0-60 mph
in 5.5 seconds. Buyers can opt for an all wheel drive for a $
5,000 premium. The extra motor helps the vehicle to drop its
acceleration to 60 mph to 5.2 seconds. Its range also increases
to 240 miles. Both the AWD and RWD models have a top speed of
140 mph.

The S 90D is equipped with a 90 kWh battery and is offered in
all-wheel drive. This battery pack offers this model a range of
294 miles.  The 90D accelerates from standstill to 60 mph
in 4.2 seconds and has a top speed of 155 mph.

Finally, the range-topping P90D is powered by a 90 kWh battery
and is offered in AWD. This engine has a range of 270 miles, 24
miles less than that of the P90 due to the increased
performance. This is the fastest model hitting 60 mph in only
3.1 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph. It is the fastest
electric car in the world. However, if you feel that speed is
not enough, you can opt for the Ludicrous Speed upgrade which
enables you to bolt to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. As if to warn of
its huge power, the vehicle is offered with red brake calipers
which come in handy when stopping the car. The model’s standard
charger has been upgraded to 48 amps from 40 amps which
provides for faster charging times.

Buyers can also opt for the Autopilot convenience feature and
smart air suspension to improve their experience with the most
powerful “green” car in the market.

The Model S performance will soon be eclipsed when Tesla
releases a more powerful model believed to be in development
stage already. The model dubbed P 100D is believed to feature a
100 kWh battery pack which provides more range and power. The
vehicle will feature a “maximum plaid” mode which supersedes
Ludicrous mode on the P90D meaning it could bolt to 60 mph from
standstill in 2.5 seconds.


Price and release date

The base Model S 70D RWD has an MSRP of $84,000. A tax
incentive of $ $7,500 takes it down to $ 71,500. The 70D AWD
goes for $ 76,500 $89,500 for the 90D. The top-of-the-range
P90D starts at $ 109,500. All these prices are inclusive of the
$ 7,500 tax incentive.

As you might have noticed, Tesla offers a lot of equipment as
options. That being said, it might surprise you to learn that a
fully equipped 70D model can cost as much as $ 100,000, $
113,000 for the 90D and about $ 145,000 for the range topping
P90D. The model will hit showrooms in the second half of this



Though I expected the new Model S to feature more updates, the
model still looks great and to be sincere the Model S 2017 does
not have a worthy rival. Years after the model launched, Tesla
still seems to be miles ahead of other automakers in the EVs
segment. No automaker can afford to offer such levels of
battery technology at such an affordable price.