2018 BMW X7

All is set for the release of the fiercest Land Rover Range
Rover Sport rival yet. I am talking about the upcoming BMW X7
set to debut for the 2018 model year. The 2018 BMW X7
 will also go head to head with Mercedes-Benz GLS and
Cadillac Escalade. In the automotive world, you can obtain
market leadership by always staying ahead of competition by
churning out new models one after the other or you can
understudy your competition and improve on their offerings.
Well, BMW uses both strategies for different models. For its
SUV lineup, the automaker has opted for the latter strategy.

For ages, BMW has been shelving production of a full-size SUV.
However, increased demand of SUV powered by a decline in fuel
prices has finally swayed the automaker to enter into the
full-size SUV field.  We have already captured prototypes
of the model undergoing testing runs on the streets though
under heavy camouflage. Having had plenty of time to study its
competition, expect BMW to produce a very attractive model with
all the luxury trappings, captivating design and convenience
common with full-size luxury SUVs. Read along to find out more:

2018 BMW X7 Exterior

The automaker has confirmed that the SUV is underpinned by a
rear-wheel-drive platform with an option for all-wheel-drive.
The exterior structure and panels will be made of high-strength
steel, aluminum and carbon fiber. This means the model will be
very light. In terms of size, it will be the biggest ever BMW
you have ever seen. However, BMW will certainly hook it up with
a sporty character.

Although the prototype we have captured testing was under heavy
camouflage, we can see that the model has a typical SUV body
including a boxy cabin. Its front fascia looks rather flat. Due
to the heavy camouflage, it is difficult to describe its side
or rear profiles. However, I do not expect the automaker to
depart significantly from the current SUV design language
evident on its crossover-SUVs.

2018 BMW X7 Interior

As a full-size SUV, the 2018 BMW X7 will accommodate 7
passengers across three rows. The SUV will be a hit in the USA
and China where demand for full-size SUVs for rich, big
families is at an all time high.  According to reports,
the cabin styling will be borrowed from that of the 7-Series.

Like new BMW models, the layout will be driver-focused. The
cabin will be roomy with plenty of legroom for the front and
second row passengers. The third row will be slightly tight,
convenient for children only. It will also leave plenty of
cargo room with the ability to expand it by split folding
second- and third-row seats. Storage cubicles for drinks and
smartphones will be spread all over the cabin.

The cabin spaces will be covered in wood and metal trims with
premium leather upholstery on seats, door panels and on the
dash. I expect the model to also feature various noise
insulation technologies to guarantee quiet rides.

The model will also be equipped with the latest technologies,
entertainment and safety systems in the industry. An upgraded
version of the iDrive infotainment system will likely be on
offer along with a huge display. Audiophiles can anticipate a
top-of-the-range Harman Kardon system.

There will be optional packages and stand-alone options to
enable buyers to further customize their X7.

Engine specs and performance

BMW is yet to confirm drive-trains that will power the X7.
However, I expect the automaker to use its already existing,
impressive range of inline-six as well as V-8 mills.  Most
likely, the pair of 3.0 L, inline-6 diesel power-plant that
powers the 30d, 40d and 50d models as well as the 4.4 L, V-8
gasoline mill that currently powers the X6 xDrive50i will be
used on the X7.

The automaker may tweak them to provide more output than they
currently do. The inline-6 diesel is currently rated at 300 hp
and 300 lb-ft of torque while the V-8 produces 225 horses and
480 lb-ft of torque. Power will be channeled to  the rear
wheels via ZF, 8-speed automatic transmission system. An AWD
system is optional.

Render Image

Price and release date

It is too early to talk about prices of the model as the X7 is
in the early production stages. However, going by the level of
its competition, expect a starting price in the range of
$75,000. I expect the price to rise above $100,000 for fully
equipped trims. As for the release date, the model will break
face sometimes in 2018. According to reports, the new BMW X7
will be produced locally at the automaker’s plant in
Spartanburg, South Carolina.


In addition to the Cadillac, the Beemer and the Land Rover
Range Rover highlighted in the introduction, the new 2018 BMW
X7 will compete against the likes of Infiniti
QX80, Audi Q7 and
Lincoln Navigator.