5th Panel Guest Art – Round 4

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It’s been a while since I posted some artwork from fellow webcomic artists, but we’re back with another 5th Panel guest spot. For those of you not “in the know”, this is an appreciative gesture given from one webcomic artist to another in the form of an extra panel to an already existing strip. It adds an extra dimension to the comic, and more often than not, makes it so much funnier. Today’s post features 2 artists who I admire for their hard work and originality.

The first piece comes from a good friend, @thehathimself who you can follow HERE. He is one half of the team behind the The Hat And Fat, a wonderful strip starring the obliviously nightmarish Hat & his buddy Fat. Take the journey through their dark, kafka-esque world at their website http://thehatandfat.wordpress.com/. His 5th Panel guest spot is in reference to Wednesday’s comic, entitled NSFT depicting an injury experienced during a marathon “Twerk-off”. If you haven’t already, you should check out The Hat & Fat. It’s one of the most unique strips out there, and don’t be surprised one day if you see them with lines around the corner at their convention booths.

The second piece comes from another good friend Axton Kahler who you can follow on Twitter @ZombieOaks. He is the main mind behind the Zombie Oaks webcomic which you can find HERE. His strip chronicles the gradual de-evolution of his main character George into a full blown zombie. It’s a witty strip full of clever movie references, and drawn in an unmistakably original style. Keep pace with Axton on his website, as he is slated to release his book in the nigh future. His 5th panel guest spot is in reference to the strip entitled Canine Roast. His depiction of Cheat Code is fantatsticClick on the image below to see it in it’s full glory.

coffeehoundIf you’d like to join in, contact any of the artists associated with the #5thpanelguest hashtag on twitter.