5th Panel Guest Art – Round 5

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Back again for round 5 of 5th Panel Guest Art. Today’s piece comes from @vindibudd who you can follow on Twitter HERE. A talented artist hailing from Orlando, Florida, A.S. Willliams is the driving force behind www.vindibudd.com as well as www.perrypenguin.com/. Though the Vindibudd comic has been on a hiatus for a while now, fret not, for it returns Sept. 9 with guns blazing. Feel free to stop by the STORE for t-shirts, stickers, and all kinds of sweet webcomic goodies. This 5th panel guest spot is in reference to a recent post entitled UNO!!!!. The joke continues on beautifully in Williams’ addition with boy band references & high-flying, Bruce Lee martial arts. I love the depiction of Ron & Max. If you haven’t already, you should check out the archives of Vindibudd before the big comeback on Sept. 9th. You’ll thank yourself for catching up, and then hate yourself for not being able to experience reading the strip for the first time ever again. O_o
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