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I love the Smiths. I always will, and the kingdom setup by their frontman, Morrissey, will live on forever in my record collection. I even bought a Smiths lullaby album for my son. Morrissey’s solo work was nothing short of spectacular at times. It was no Smiths, but there were some amazing gems, the most successful of which is today’s pick. It was even parodied by Bill Nye on his episode about momentum. Today’s pick should be enjoyed with the knowledge that the Smiths were an amazing band, and Morrissey, though an amazing musician, is kind of jerk in real life.

Recommended Listening
The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get by Morrissey
album Vauxhall And I



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In keeping with somewhat of a tradition for Waits to close out albums with a somber ballad, he pulls out all the stops for this conclusion to his 1999 release, Mule Variations. It’s a mid-tempo piece with a gospel feel that tells of desperation and acceptance of fate. Waits’ maudlin execution on this track is immensely relatable, and this track is easily one of my favorite picks on the album.

Todays listen should be enjoyed by selling a quart of blood to buy a half a pint of scotch.

Recommended Listening
Come On Up To The House by Tom Waits
album Mule Variations



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Today’s pick is a refreshing pick me up to a drab week. Released last Tuesday, the third album from indie-rock band, Cymbals Eat Guitars (Lou Reed reference) is very entertaining. Their sound is energetic and technical, but still with a sense of reservation, much like less neurotic Fall of Troy. Their lyrics are interesting and thoughtful and complement their sound extremely well. Today’s recommended track should be on in the background while you drink terrible beer, and then subsequently drive downtown to buy much nicer beer…no ciders >:(

Recommended Listening
Warning by Cymbals Eat Guitars
album Lose


What Time Is It?

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Wilco is one of those feel-good bands that I consistently return to. Their meandering strums and casual lyrics are always pleasant to the ears. Today’s pick comes from their semi-country-vibed debut album, A.M. Released in 1995, this album was underrated and unique at a time when “Scrunge” was dominating the radio (see “Bands terribly riding the Grunge wave” or “Candlebox”).

Today’s pick should be enjoyed with a cheeseburger and soooooo much beer.

Recommended Listening
Should’ve Been In Love by Wilco
album A.M.


Med Students

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I always find myself coming back to this album again and again (HA!). Despite todays pick being from the first album released in 2011 by Cronin, you should still check out his latest work MCII from last year. Also, his contribution to Slaughterhouse by the Ty Segall Band is divine. Mikal Cronin is just the tits. Album reviews will be posting up in August (for real this time), so write to me if you feel like writing a thousand or so words. Sleep time!

Recommended Listening
Again & Again by Mikal Cronin
album Mikal Cronin