Paternity Leave Guest Artist: Jeff Crowther

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Lo and behold, today wraps up the final comic in the 3-week Paternity Leave Guest Strip Extravaganza. And what better way to go out than on a high note with none other than the “Bearded Fox” himself, Jeff Crowther. Jeff’s strip, Yeti 4 Hire, was an early find for me. Immediately after discovery, I fell deep into his archives, entranced with his textured style and action-packed imagery. The man exudes talent and the professional feel of both his linework and storytelling capabilities are unparalleled. His webcomic follows the main protagonist, Yeti, and his 8-year old sidekick, Veronica, as they bounce from job to job battling nefarious criminals ranging from villainous food mutants, to sombrero-donning ninja gangs. Yeti 4 Hire is a wonderful strip which I look forward to every Wednesday. Jeff is literally one of my top 5 favorite artists in the webcomic realm. You owe it to yourself to check out Jeff’s fantastic artwork and then subsequently spend thousands of dollars on said artwork.

Favorite strip by Jeff (aside from the guest spot above): Issue 2 Page 19

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Pick Notes:
Today’s pick is from Jeff himself.

Recommended Listening
“Maneater” by Hall & Oates
album H2O


Paternity Leave Guest Artist: Crispin Wood


That’s the “Butcher” cover of Yesterday & Today by the Beatles, one of the most sought after records in the Fab Four’s discography. Initially censored and covered over with the so called “Trunk” image of the group, this album in its raw form can easily pull in a 5-figure amount from the right buyer. Seriously, if any of you are in possession of this record, you should email me your address, a list of your allergies, and a ballpark estimate of how many punches to the face it would take for you to lose consciousness…. O_O…I’m doing research…yeah that’s right…research….

Getting back to the real reason you’re reading this, Crispin Wood, the hilarious artist behind the daily webcomic, Small Blue Yonder. I haven’t known Crispin terribly long, but right away I became a fan of his stream-of-consciouness style strip. The jokes are well written, and his update schedule is absolutely intimidating to say the least. I admire his strip greatly, and it has the potential to become a major player in the webcomic scene in the coming year or two. Do yourself a favor and check out his links below. Tell him I sent you, and then tell him he’s pretty. He’ll like that.

My favorite strip by Crispin: Bendy Exercise

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Pick Notes:
Today’s pick was inspired by Crispin’s comic & is my favorite Beatles song ever.

Recommended Listening
“Golden Slumbers” by The Beatles
album Abbey Road


Paternity Leave Guest Artist: Jesse Keifer

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Humpday folks! Today’s guest strip comes from Jesse Kiefer, an elementary school art teacher and insanely talented comic artist. His strip, Tank Monkey, stars an occasionally war hungry primate who just happens to own a tank. Donning a viking helmet and a touch of cynicism, this monkey battles terrible foes ranging from the The Axis of Primate Evil (APE) to the unnecessary marketing of terrible candy corn during non-Halloween holidays.

Aside from being completely awesome as well as founding Vorpal Arrow Studios, Jesse also spearheaded the #5thPanelGuest hashtag on Twitter. 5th Panel Guest turned out to be an exciting addition to the already supportive and talented webcomic artist community on Twitter. It involved taking a comic strip from someone else, and adding an extra panel to continue on or improve upon the joke. It was the sincerest for of flattery between those who participated.

So enjoy the guest strip. I know I did. You owe it to yourself to visit Jesse’s store link below and pick yourself up a copy of his book from his other strip, Just For Kicks.

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Pick Notes:
Today’s pick comes from Jesse himself (SEMI-NSFW)

Recommended Listening
“Gay Bar” by Electric Six
album Fire


Paternity Leave Guest Artists: Brandon & Colin Oliver

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Welcome to the final week of Paternity Leave Guest Artist-ocalypse: a 3-week, 10 comic bonanza of bitchin-ass fun where some of the greatest artists and writers webcomics has to offer take care of my strip, while I take care of a fresh human that looks surprisingly like a gerbil.

Today’s guest strip is from the Wonder Twins themselves, Brandon & Colin Oliver. Though not really twins, they are still wonderful. These guys are the minds behind Twxxd.com, a site devoted to games, toys, & podcasts starring an eclectic cast of out-of-work cartoon characters. Brandon draws the pictures & Colin writes the words. I actually did a podcast interview with these guys last October where I fumbled through my answers like an 8 -year old trying to describe a dream. Check it out HERE.

Brandon & Colin are pure professionals, and their updates are a highlight of my webcomic-reading week. Their site is diverse, and their comic funny. It would be a travesty if you did not check out their strip and buy something.

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Pick Notes:
Today’s pick comes from Brandon & Colin themselves.

Recommended Listening
“Hair Trigger” by Protest the Hero
album Scurrilous


Paternity Leave Guest Artist: Mark Glavin


Mark Glavin ladies and gentlemen, the modern day Gary Larson. Mark is a bitchin guy, who so graciously stepped up and threw out this fantastic webcomic when he found out my wife and I would be popping out another rugrat. And what a treat it is…the webcomic I mean.  Well the baby is cool too, but IT’S NOT DIO!!!!! Not only did his strip include the god of metal himself, but his depiction of Ron’s mullet is so spot-on, that you can almost tell it smells like beef jerky.

I’ve been following Mark since I found out about his earlier strip,  Adorable Crap. His current webcomic, Ubertool, started in early November of last year, is a perverse, multi-panel look into the inner workings of Mark’s sporadic brain farts. It’s rude, crude, and so very true to the world we live in. Here’s my favorite strip of his No.8.

Pick Notes:
Today’s pick comes from Mark himself.

Recommended Listening
“Sliver” by Nirvana
album 7″ single


Paternity Leave Guest Artist: Wesley Hall

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Today must be Christmas or something, because holy hell, it’s raining surprises. Not only are you subject to a Black Flag reference AND another Paternity Leave Guest Artist, but you also get the honor of being graced with artwork by the one and only, Wesley Hall. (**cue chorus of monks as Wesley enters the room on a donkey**)

Wesley, of course, runs the popular webcomic Nameless PCs (“Nameless Player Characters”). His strip is a biweekly journal comic devoted to the inner-ramblings of his own dark, and yet not really dark mind…or something…I’m bad with intro descriptions…whatever. His style is clean and professional and his color scheme and character design are entirely unique. His updates are one of the highlights of my week, and I was ecstatic that he decided to do a guest piece for me.

Wesley is a great friend and you owe it to yourself to go and tell him you love him before him and his wife have a baby and most of his time gets taken up with diapers. Go check out his book, I Drew The Presidents on MagCloud. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, you see him at a center-floor con table in San Diego with a line that stretches all the way out to La Jolla.

Elsewhere you can find Wesley:

Facebook Page
Twitter Page
Tumblr Page
Book For Sale Page


Pick Notes:
Today’s pick comes from Wesley himself.

Recommended Listening
“Paul Newman’s Eyes” by Dogs Die In Hot Cars
album Please Describe Yourself


Paternity Leave Guest Artist: Eric Crowder

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Welcome yet again to another day of Paternity Leave Guest Strips, where I, the proprietor of this humble webcomic, am unable to take the helm, as I am currently neck-deep in baby duties. Instead, I have chosen to leave my non-empire in the hands of 8 wonderfully talented webcomic artists whom I trust and am proud to call real friends.

Today’s strip comes from the dark mind of Eric Crowder. Eric was the first face-to-face contact I ever made with a fellow webcomic artist. We met during HeroesCon last year, and he was extremely down to earth. He’s a great friend, with great sense of humor, and an unrivaled sense of determination for his craft. His Kafka-esque webcomic, The Hat & Fat, features two cannibal-enthusiast pals hellbent on figuring out why the rest of the world finds their ways so odd. Follow both of the protagonists as they deal with murderous relatives, unkempt monsters, and the subtle nuances in the taste of properly prepared flesh. Favorite Hat & Fat strip: Trophies.

You can (and should) follow Eric on Twitter @thehathimself and like his Facebook page.

Pick Notes:
Today’s pick comes from Eric himself.

Recommended Listening
“Sabotage” by Beastie Boys
album Ill Communication


Paternity Leave Guest Artist: Nick Seluk

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Still got this baby…IT’S MINE…I MADE IT!!!…um…I….I mean….Until I can return to the helm, I am still entrusting the comic to 8 wonderful artists whom I admire and wish would all drive down to my house to help change diapers and play video games while we repeatedly high-five each other and listen to metal.

Today’s strip is from the talented Nick Seluk of The Awkard Yeti fame. Nick’s work is far-reaching in the world of cyberspace, to the point where, statistically, you’ve already bookmarked, upvoted, liked, retweeted, cared about, or tattooed his artwork at some point in your life. He is an all-around great guy and his comic, featuring Lars, a timid Yeti trying to fit in, is a definite must for anyone who considers themselves a fan of webcomics. Nick’s support with Rain Dogs has been unbelievable and I wish him more fame than Batman.
Here’s one of my favorite Awkward Yeti Strips: Name Game. It’s perfect.

You can follow Nick on Twitter @theawkwardyeti and like his Facebook page. He also has a Society6 page and a Kickstarter that ends on April 17th.

Pick Notes:
Today’s pick comes from Nick himself.

Recommended Listening
“Jolie Colquine” by Caravan Palace
album Caravan Palace


Paternity Leave Guest Artist: Joe Flanders

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He’s still got it. Joe Flanders everybody! I love today’s strip, and I can tell from the way you’re reading this sentence that you do too. Joe’s a great guy, and one of the classiest webcomic artists I’ve ever conversed with. The unique drawing style and character development in his strip, Ninja And Pirate, is impressive to say the least. Whether it be his one-off strips, or his extensive, chapter-length storylines, Joe always succeeds in delivering pure comedic gold. How can you not already be intimidated by comics such as this: Just One More Episode. It’s amazing O_O. Keep a close watch on the Ninja & Pirate site during this next year as I will be vigorously campaigning to get Joe nominated for an Eisner award. His support with Rain Dogs, and my overall development as an artist, has been unparallelled. He is a true friend and I wish him all the success in the world.

You can follow Joe on Twitter @ninjaandpirate and like his Facebook page.

Pick Notes:
Today’s pick comes from Joe himself.

Recommended Listening
“One Better” by Les Claypool
album Of Whales & Woe

RDCGuest3.14 copy

Paternity Leave Guest Artist: Axton Kahler


So, holy crap I had a baby, and you know what that means…guest strips. While I’m changing diapers and determining chemistry-grade ratios of water and formula, I’m handing over the helm to 8 wonderful artists who I would consider true friends. So prepare yourself for two weeks worth of varying depictions of the cast at My Cousin Vinyl.

Today’s strip comes from Axton Kahler, the mind and pen behind the zombie-themed webcomic, Zombie Oaks. Join the main protagonist, George, as he struggles to cope with his surprisingly lucid transformation into a rotting, decaying monster. Kahler’s take on the undead apocalypse is entirely unique, and his webcomic is full of wild adventures ranging from genetic modification to time-travel. You can follow him on Twitter @zombieoaks and peruse his store at the Zombie Oaks Mall.

Pick Notes:
Today’s pick comes from Axton himself.

Recommended Listening
“Zombie Me” by No More Kings
album No More Kings