Guilty Pleasures

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I have two sons under two and they are a handful.

Quick pick by one of my favorite dream pop bands, Chvrches, this time featuring the hypnotic slow-dance vocals of Martin Doherty, as opposed to the majestic Lauren Mayberry. Be sure to check out Wednesday’s album review by Matt Johnson.

Recommended Listening
“You Caught The Light” by Chvrches
The Bones of What You Believe


Four(Toppings) Way


These comics are chronicling my slow descent into madness

Today’s pick is a shoegaze track from the young British band Ninth Paradise. I’m a sucker for shoegaze and dream pop, and these guys, despite how young they are, bring an elegant mix of both. Also check out their latest album, “Inner Maze, Outer Haze”

Recommended Listening
“Picture” by Ninth Paradise



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Definitely one of my favorite movies of all time.

Similarly today’s pick is from one of my favorite artists of all time. Though his new album, Syro, was just released, I chose a track from the 2001 album by Aphex Twin in hopes that I can do the new album justice with a full review following an entire afternoon of listening. Today’s pick is a blissful, evocative piano piece written by the front man himself, Richard D James. It’s the type of song that belongs in a Charlie Kaufman film alongside the instrumental stylings of Jon Brion and Carter Burwell. Stay tuned for a new album review on Wednesday.

Recommended Listening
“Avril 14th” by Aphex Twin


An Apple A Day

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Zookeepers discourage it, but they’re wrong when they say you shouldn’t give Fruit Loops to these bats.

I’m back from hiatus folks. I’ll be posting up album reviews here shortly so be on the lookout for one by my buddy Matt.

Recommended Listening
“Truckers Atlas” by Modest Mouse
Lonesome Crowded West


Come Back To Us


Where is Richard Dean Anderson these days? I know he’s on the con-circuit from time to time for his work with the Stargate franchise, but what else does he have going on? Seriously, let’s revamp this show. I loved it as a kid, and would be willing to rename my second son after Anderson if this became a reality.

Pick Notes:

Today’s pick a single from the sophomore album from Perfume Genius, a Seattle-based soloist project from the mind of Mike Hadreas. I would’ve chosen a track from their latest album, Too Bright, released this month, but I’m still “unpacking it”, so to speak. Instead, here’s my favorite track from Put Your Back N 2 It. Enjoy!

Recommended Listening
“Take Me Home” by Perfume Genius
Put Your Back N 2 It


Good Parenting

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quick pick tonight folks. I am slammed to hell and back with my real job, commissions and parenting in general. I love each and every one of you. Today’s pick is a project by Talking Heads frontman, David Byrne. He spent the better part of two years converting an abandoned ferry terminal into one massive musical instrument. Really interesting, and as you may know, David Byrne is one of my heroes, and I would gladly, without question, follow him into oncoming traffic.

Recommended Listening
David Byrne turns a building into an instrument
[art project]