What Time Is It?

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Wilco is one of those feel-good bands that I consistently return to. Their meandering strums and casual lyrics are always pleasant to the ears. Today’s pick comes from their semi-country-vibed debut album, A.M. Released in 1995, this album was underrated and unique at a time when “Scrunge” was dominating the radio (see “Bands terribly riding the Grunge wave” or “Candlebox”).

Today’s pick should be enjoyed with a cheeseburger and soooooo much beer.

Recommended Listening
Should’ve Been In Love by Wilco
album A.M.


Med Students

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I always find myself coming back to this album again and again (HA!). Despite todays pick being from the first album released in 2011 by Cronin, you should still check out his latest work MCII from last year. Also, his contribution to Slaughterhouse by the Ty Segall Band is divine. Mikal Cronin is just the tits. Album reviews will be posting up in August (for real this time), so write to me if you feel like writing a thousand or so words. Sleep time!

Recommended Listening
Again & Again by Mikal Cronin
album Mikal Cronin


Partly Bitter

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Well the Ramones are gone, and there will never be another band like them. Today’s pick is the first song i had ever heard by them. I was 9 and i remember thinking how cool it was that they didn’t sound like anything on the radio at the time (1991). Pretty much all i heard up to that point, thanks to elementary school, was terrible boy bands (i.e. Color Me Badd), Aerosmith, and MC Hammer. It was the first song I liked that no one else my age listened to. Looking back it was probably the beginning of my seeking underground music. Obviously, the Ramones were not necessarily “underground”. They were fairly popular, but not to a 9 year old white kid with a flat-top who was trying like hell just to be cool. I’ll miss them. Today’s pick should be enjoyed in a Ramones t-shirt in your room with the liner notes to their entire discography. Beer is optional.

Recommended Listening
Beat on the Brat by Ramones
album debut album


I Must Not Fear

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Frank Herbert’s Dune hit me in such a powerful way as a 12 & 13 year old. At a time when I was attending a terrible middle school & getting picked on daily (one of the worst parts of my life) this book & this mantra gave me the confidence & self-esteem to stand up for myself and realize that this horrible experience would one day pass. Not one of the required readings in that school even came close to that for me. Ever since then, I’ve loved the novels, the movies, the games, & anything related to the series in general. I’m currently 2 books into a mission to read the entire chronological bibliography of the Dune Universe (“Duniverse”). ALL of them. Especially, the Brian Herbert & Kevin Anderson books. Mainly because they add so much to the universe of Dune that their books can’t be ignored, despite being blasted up and down by die-hard fans who label them as “glorified-fanfiction.”

I’ll be posting up a Patreon page hopefully in the coming week. All that remains is some principal footage, and editing, and then we’re in business. Stay tuned for that as there will be a lot of perks and free drawings for the first 10 patrons to pledge.

Today’s pick is the entire soundtrack from the David Lynch film Dune (1983). It’s an instrumental track composed by the band Toto, as in the “Rains down in Africa” Toto. It’s not nearly what you’d expect though. It should be enjoyed alongside the film and as many people as you can fit into the yard where it will be projected onto the side of a building.

Recommended Listening
Dune Soundtrack by Toto
album Dune Soundtrack




Today’s pick takes a different turn from what most people expect of the worldbeat band, tUnE-yArDs. Normally containing the looped polyrhythmic bursts of energy from singer Merrill Garbus, this track off of their latest album, Nikki Nack, seems to attempt a softer, more grounded approach. Despite the shift in tone, the lyrics are as spot-on as ever, and this album is definitely a milestone in their discography. Today’s pick should be enjoyed with an Indian Pale Ale and a brownie.

Recommended Listening
“Wait For A Minute” by tUnE-yArDs
album Nikki Nack


Happy 4th!


Happy 4th of July everybody. Also, Happy 4th Anniversary to my beautiful wife, who has put up with my wacky antics & sleepless nights for far longer than I would have anticipated. I love her very much and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to share my life with.

Picking patriotic songs was actually tougher than I thought it would be. Most of them are either ironic (i.e. – “Born in the USA”) or are so blatantly written to target the sentiments of a specific demographic (i.e. – “Terrible Country Music written to cash in on Patriotism”). So, I went with the one song that reminds me the most of the camaraderie that Americans feel when we’re actually in the limelight for reasons to be proud of….Queen…and yes i understand they’re from the UK, but this song is the tits and I vote that it should be the standard for patriotism in any country.

Enjoy your hot dogs, burgers and fireworks!!!

Recommended Listening
“We Are the Champions” by Queen
album News of the World


Swing(set) Vote

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I like to imagine one of my sons getting into baby politics from time to time.

Released in 2011, the band Yuck’s self-titled album is so delightfully fuzzed to hell and back. Not in a heavy way either. It’s more of an homage to the shy & timid nature of bands like Smashing Pumpkins and Neutral Milk Hotel; like a 90′s throwback if you will. Today’s pick should be enjoyed with whatever brand of beer you could get your hands on when you were 12. Make sure to open it in public, but drink it behind a building with your skateboard.

Recommended Listening
“Georgia” by Yuck
album Yuck



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Today’s pick is billboard so I’ll be light on the notes, and I’ve thrown more than enough praise for Jack White in the past. I love almost everything he’s put out. I’ll still keep pretending to ignore the ICP blemish on his career though. I secretly hope he just rear-ended those guys and had to pay them back somehow. Anyways, his new album is fantastic and the “Ultra-vinyl” features on it are unbelievable. It’s no wonder it costs $30-$50 online. Jack White’s music is to always be enjoyed with Whiskey and a large dog.

Recommended Listening
“Lazaretto” by Jack White
album Lazaretto