Beat It

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“When in doubt, just beat it.” – Words from the baddest mofo this side of red pleather. Bad guys in the 80s were TOUGH; that special kind of tough too that’s only accompanied by an onslaught of collar-pops and jive walks. These dudes showed no mercy & Michael Jackson wasn’t having it. In fact, he hated violence so much that in the video, MJ tosses & turns in his twin bed in indescribable anguish before visiting two gangland hideouts. Upon witnessing the jazz-tap knife brawl, Jacko quells the anger in the only way he knows how, with sweet, sweet choreography and jheri curls.

I love this song, and this video. Best part is at the 3:08 mark where the rival gang leader, Michael Peters, is escorted in on a forklift before the intense showdown.

Recommended Listening
“Beat It” by Michael Jackson
album Thriller