I Must Not Fear

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Frank Herbert’s Dune hit me in such a powerful way as a 12 & 13 year old. At a time when I was attending a terrible middle school & getting picked on daily (one of the worst parts of my life) this book & this mantra gave me the confidence & self-esteem to stand up for myself and realize that this horrible experience would one day pass. Not one of the required readings in that school even came close to that for me. Ever since then, I’ve loved the novels, the movies, the games, & anything related to the series in general. I’m currently 2 books into a mission to read the entire chronological bibliography of the Dune Universe (“Duniverse”). ALL of them. Especially, the Brian Herbert & Kevin Anderson books. Mainly because they add so much to the universe of Dune that their books can’t be ignored, despite being blasted up and down by die-hard fans who label them as “glorified-fanfiction.”

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Today’s pick is the entire soundtrack from the David Lynch film Dune (1983). It’s an instrumental track composed by the band Toto, as in the “Rains down in Africa” Toto. It’s not nearly what you’d expect though. It should be enjoyed alongside the film and as many people as you can fit into the yard where it will be projected onto the side of a building.

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Dune Soundtrack by Toto
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