No Comments on Legs

True story. My dad didn’t really go into detail so I ran with it.

Special thanks to the always hilarious Jon Esparza of Bubble Fox. He’s a great guy, and really helped me out in a pinch when i was jazzed on espresso and second-guessing my strip like a madman. Don’t drink espresso after midnight. It does nothing for your sanity. You can find all of Jon’s internet links below:

Bubble Fox

Today’s pick is the entire track listing of the unreleased 1994 album Caustic Window by Aphex Twin. After the Kickstarter campaign to buy the original pressing ended on May 10, a digital copy of the album was uploaded within a months time. As any Aphex Twin fan will tell you, they are LONG overdue for an album, and any unreleased material that surfaces is sweet nectar. Maybe the next Aphex Twin Kickstarter campaign can pay for Richard D James to get back in the studio and pump out some magic.

Recommended Listening
Previously unreleased test-pressing of Aphex Twin Album
album Caustic Window