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My dreams lately have been confusing to say the least. New babies have zero respect for the rest of the world’s sleep cycle.

Wow…It feels amazing to be back again. I want to once again thank the 10 amazing artists that helped me out during the last 3 weeks while I was tending to baby duties. I was utterly humbled by their hilarious contributions. Feel free to scroll back through the last 10 posts starting here or visit the Rain Dogs Tumblr page to see the slideshow. They are all wonderful.

Keep posted with the site in the coming month. I’ll be doing Free Comic Book Day in Greenville, and setting up a table at SCComicon May 17-18.

Pick Notes:

Air Waves is a new listen for me lately. It’s a peaceful band that sounds so incredibly familiar. Air Waves gives of this vibe of an indie-rock super-group sewn together with the playful voice of Wayne Cohen, the guitar work of Pinback, the relaxed nature of Wilco, & the happiness of Built to Spill.

Recommended Listening
“Lightning” by Air Waves
album Dungeon Dots