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Today’s strip is for those poor souls who have flushed many hours down the drain in defeat brought on by the unfair, 50/50 shot-in-the-dark MineSweeper scenario in panel 3. It’s the worst form of torture. If you win you get sweet, succulent closure, but if you lose, the rage that builds within you is greater than a thousand Freecell losses. It’s the reason I’ve been attending therapy sessions since the late 90s.

Given the title of “electronic wizard”, underground artist Dan Casey is the mind behind the funk-electronica band Yalls. Though this alter-ego predates the current guitar-inspired iteration of his career as himself, the level of experimentation in today’s pick is not to be ignored. “Settle Down,” an ironic title from the get-go, delivers a beat-driven dance worthy track that builds, self-destructs and then rebuilds again to close out on such an enlightening jam.

Listen with the link below & be sure to check out his tumblr page.

Recommended Listening
“Settle Down” by Yalls
album Fantasy 7″