Partly Bitter

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Well the Ramones are gone, and there will never be another band like them. Today’s pick is the first song i had ever heard by them. I was 9 and i remember thinking how cool it was that they didn’t sound like anything on the radio at the time (1991). Pretty much all i heard up to that point, thanks to elementary school, was terrible boy bands (i.e. Color Me Badd), Aerosmith, and MC Hammer. It was the first song I liked that no one else my age listened to. Looking back it was probably the beginning of my seeking underground music. Obviously, the Ramones were not necessarily “underground”. They were fairly popular, but not to a 9 year old white kid with a flat-top who was trying like hell just to be cool. I’ll miss them. Today’s pick should be enjoyed in a Ramones t-shirt in your room with the liner notes to their entire discography. Beer is optional.

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