Rise of The Mannequin Man

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Today’s comic (#150) closes out the “Rivalries” storyline with the evolution of Manny into his beginnings as the Mannequin Man…a villain filled with rage (& plastic) slipping further and further into madness with the loss of each body part. Humanity begins to lose all meaning the less human you become.

Today also marks the end of the first year of strips for Rain Dogs (est. 4/30/12).  I want to thank all my readers for taking the time to read through my silly wide-eyed drawings and to thank my friends for their support, critique, and artwork. You are all more than kind, and thank you for helping me to live out one of my childhood dreams of becoming a cartoonist. I’ve had a wonderful time doing all of this, and it has been an amazing learning experience…Support your local record stores.

Rain Dogs News:

  • The First Volume containing the first year of Rain Dogs strips is being compiled and will hopefully be ready for distribution by the end of May
  • I’ll be exhibiting at HeroesCon in Artist’s Alley June 7th – 9th in Charlotte, NC. Come stop by the table, mention today’s recommended pick and get free stuff including donuts…i’ll have donuts..
  • I’ll be doing one of hopefully several free sketch sessions in the next week or so for anyone willing to message me on Twitter @raindogcomic . It’ll mostly be for practice, but hey why not get a free digital sketch out of it.
  • As always, follow me on twitter for updates to the site, and for witty banter…i love hearing from you…message me and we’ll discuss bands, movies, comics, and maybe even the Golden Girls.

I love each and every one of you. Thank you for a wonderful year.

Recommended Listening:
“Take It With Me” by Tom Waits
album Mule Variations