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Panel 2 is directly inspired from one of my favorite memes from a few years ago, the “I’m not a model” lady.

During the tenth anniversary of it’s original release last December, The Disintegration Loops, by William Basinski was pressed onto vinyl for the first time ever. This four volume collection of his work spanning two decades was originally an attempt at salvaging the rapidly deteriorating tapes that originally held his loops. While transferring the tracks to a digital format, the 20 year old tapes literally began disintegrating, forever remaining as they were recorded that day: the bittersweet artifacts of an entire career.

Basinski has a sound that is ethereal. DLP 1.3 is a meditative masterpiece that speaks wonders to his talents as an ambient artist. Today’s pick should be listened with your eyes closed in complete focus, and with nothing heavy on the mind.

You can pick up the vinyl set here.

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“Dlp 1.3” by William Basinski
album The Disintegration Loops