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Special guest appearance in today’s comic by Kirsten Schneider. Kirsten was able to solve the code in the back of the Limited Edition book within a week so I I’m convinced that she’s a wizard.  This drawing is an adaptation of a picture of Kirsten sent to me of herself from her college days, so Kirsten I hope you like it. Though we’ve never met in person, I assume you would join me in hating on the tacky parts of the 90s.

Kirsten is an extremely talented painter who dabbles mostly in acrylics. Her use of color and tone is very refined, and I’ve fallen head over heels with her “Icons of Punk” series. (Hint: there’s an Ian Curtis). Spend some time today to peruse through her wonderful pieces (Schneiders Art). You can also follow her on Twitter @cre8trix and even visit her webcomic Slow for the Cone Zone. Though she has taken the first prize of the Limited Edition book challenge, there are still many other prizes to win. The next 4 to solve the code will receive a Free 9×11 Commission piece and a Rain Dogs sketch card with a design of your choosing. I’m sure too that if you decided to buy one of Kirsten’s pieces, she’d be more willing to share the answer.

Just to clarify, I don’t hate the 90s. In fact, I loved growing up in them. There were a lot of wonderful things that happened. Many of the contributions of that decade still resonate today such as the advent of the coffee scene and the death of hair metal, which I think we can all agree was a good thing. It was a weird time for music most of all though, and not just because of the grunge takeover. What grunge really did, aside from being the savior of rock, was survive to exist as one of the last true large-scale movements. After the hey day of bands like Alice in Chains, SoundGarden and Pearl Jam, we started getting a deluge of knock-off bands (or “Scrunge”) like Candlebox, Silverchair and even 3rd gen Scrunge bands like 3 Doors Down. The grunge sound had become so manufactured and repackaged that everyone began looking for the next big thing. Sure some people jumped on the techno bandwagon and raved till their hearts exploded, but no real massive movement has yet to resurface. It’s not necessarily a bad thing and we’ve definitely occupied ourselves with a inordinate amount of bands. But perhaps it would be nice one day just to see that wave swell and carry with it the excitement of a new era in music. Anyways, i’m never going to get to sleep so here’s a list of other things in the 90s that sucked.

Other awful parts of the 90s:

  1. Pauly Shore
  2. POGS
  3. Large Hats
  4. Anyone who said Radical, Tubular, or Cowabunga
  5. Pencil-thin beards
  6. GoodBurger
  7. Candlebox
  8. Limp Bizkit
  9. Titanic
  10. Boy Bands
  11. Chumbawamba
  12. Smash Mouth

In contrast, today’s pick is in my opinion one of THE best songs of the 90s, hands down. It never fails to put me in a good mood.

Recommended Listening
“Song 2” by Blur
album Blur