Table For Two

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Some restaurants are just a little too exclusive I guess…Or maybe some hostesses are just blind…and also jerks…

As the breakthrough album for Standard Fare, The Noyelle Beat succeeded in solidifying a spot as one of the must-haves of the indie-pop genre. The playful unsteadiness of the guitar progression, the nervous drum line, and the undertones of sexual frustration in the lyrics all contribute in making Standard Fare…well, a standard. There’s a certain understated hilarity with the singer, Emma Kupa, that shines through as well. Today’s pick is a borderline manipulative love song that teeters on the edge of begging; almost like, “I want you back but don’t freak out cause I’m not weird I swear.” Check out their bandcamp page (with lyrics) Here.

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“Let’s Get Back Together” by Standard Fare
album The Noyelle Beat