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This would be a great prank to pull on a rival small business to lower their morale. Just make sure they don’t have a silent alarm. Make sure you wear face-pantyhose too.

I’m a sucker for girl singers. I always have been, especially when accompanied by catchy hooks and synth swells, as is the case with Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches. Released last September, this album is incredibly accessible, and transcends the commonly hated-on label they’ve been given of “synth-pop”. Backed by Iain Cook (formerly of Unwinding Hours & Aerogramme) and Martin Doherty (of the Twilight Sad) this Scottish band is relentless on the road, and have built their fanbase from the ground up. I’ve joked that they sound as though M83 hired Kiera Knightley, but that’s unfair, since they’re so much better than this analogy.

Today’s pick is the first track off of the album. It begins with a synth intro seemingly straight out of an M83 song, followed by one of the most feel-good choruses of the year. Listen to Chvrches. They’re my new guilty pleasure. Enjoy!

Recommended Listening
“The Mother We Share” by Chvrches
album The Bones Of What You Believe