What What in the Backroom

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This strip actually is a re-working of a piece I did for a contest in November of 2012. It was undeveloped, and the piece never got any real face-time so I thought I’d tweak it to help today’s audience fight through their green hangovers.

Pick Notes:

Today’s pick is chillwave electronica in it’s earlier days. Though released in 2001, today’s track still seems fresh and as calming and meditative as ever. Starting off with somewhat of a Smashing Pumpkins vibe (think latter Melon Collie tracks or the beginning of Mayonnaise), “Terrapin” builds into a sitar & string-laden tranquility beautifully accompanied by a complex bassline. This album boosted this UK artist out of the underground garnering him the title of one of the pioneers of Downtempo. Today’s pick is best listened to near an open windowsill in the rain while you watch people play outside in the puddles.

Recommended Listening
“Terrapin” by Bonobo
album Animal Magic