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Poor Keith…Seriously, though if you say “yoghurt” and stress the “H”, I am well within my legal right to grundle-punch you and take your groceries. You better have Oreos too or it’s gonna start raining elbows in the parking lot, and it won’t stop until you get the double-stuffed kind that I like.

Ben Khan is somewhat underground by most standards; in the sense that you would be hard-pressed to find a significant online presence for this electro-soul artist. Nonetheless, the mystery is intriguing, and his funk-based sound cannot be ignored. Hailing from London, Khan ‘s Eden is a neurotic blending of sensual lyrics, and clap-driven synth swells.The song seems somewhat of an attempt at a dance track, but transcends its own ambitions into something quite enjoyable. Aside from the the intermittent horns throughout the song, Eden contains elements which show influence from artists such as Beck or Jamiroquai.

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“Eden” by Ben Khan
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