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Science fans, your time is now!

Are you a fan of science? Have you been anxiously awaiting a comic strip to tackle science-related matters? Are you willing to throw your hard-earned money into something worthwhile to help out a talented artist? Then look no further.

Coming from the mountains of California, Sara Zimmerman, creator of Unearthed Comics, has launched a Kickstarter campaign that, with your help, just might satisfy the science-comic seeking urges of an entire generation. With less than two weeks left, your support could help make Unearthed Comics: Unearthing Science a reality. Even pledging only $75 gets one of your comics (and website) written into eternity in the back of the book alongside many other rewards. How can you say no to that? Even if you’re unable to give right now, you can still help by sharing this LINK, upvoting it on Reddit, or even visiting the Unearthed Comics Facebook page to show your support.

5th Panel Guest Art – Round 5

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Back again for round 5 of 5th Panel Guest Art. Today’s piece comes from @vindibudd who you can follow on Twitter HERE. A talented artist hailing from Orlando, Florida, A.S. Willliams is the driving force behind www.vindibudd.com as well as www.perrypenguin.com/. Though the Vindibudd comic has been on a hiatus for a while now, fret not, for it returns Sept. 9 with guns blazing. Feel free to stop by the STORE for t-shirts, stickers, and all kinds of sweet webcomic goodies. This 5th panel guest spot is in reference to a recent post entitled UNO!!!!. The joke continues on beautifully in Williams’ addition with boy band references & high-flying, Bruce Lee martial arts. I love the depiction of Ron & Max. If you haven’t already, you should check out the archives of Vindibudd before the big comeback on Sept. 9th. You’ll thank yourself for catching up, and then hate yourself for not being able to experience reading the strip for the first time ever again. O_o
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5th Panel Guest Art – Round 4

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It’s been a while since I posted some artwork from fellow webcomic artists, but we’re back with another 5th Panel guest spot. For those of you not “in the know”, this is an appreciative gesture given from one webcomic artist to another in the form of an extra panel to an already existing strip. It adds an extra dimension to the comic, and more often than not, makes it so much funnier. Today’s post features 2 artists who I admire for their hard work and originality.

The first piece comes from a good friend, @thehathimself who you can follow HERE. He is one half of the team behind the The Hat And Fat, a wonderful strip starring the obliviously nightmarish Hat & his buddy Fat. Take the journey through their dark, kafka-esque world at their website http://thehatandfat.wordpress.com/. His 5th Panel guest spot is in reference to Wednesday’s comic, entitled NSFT depicting an injury experienced during a marathon “Twerk-off”. If you haven’t already, you should check out The Hat & Fat. It’s one of the most unique strips out there, and don’t be surprised one day if you see them with lines around the corner at their convention booths.

The second piece comes from another good friend Axton Kahler who you can follow on Twitter @ZombieOaks. He is the main mind behind the Zombie Oaks webcomic which you can find HERE. His strip chronicles the gradual de-evolution of his main character George into a full blown zombie. It’s a witty strip full of clever movie references, and drawn in an unmistakably original style. Keep pace with Axton on his website, as he is slated to release his book in the nigh future. His 5th panel guest spot is in reference to the strip entitled Canine Roast. His depiction of Cheat Code is fantatsticClick on the image below to see it in it’s full glory.

coffeehoundIf you’d like to join in, contact any of the artists associated with the #5thpanelguest hashtag on twitter.

5th Panel Guest Art – Round 3

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5thPanelGuest art is definitely starting to pick up a little steam in the webcomic community, and rightfully so. It connects artists together on a much more personal level. Today’s artwork comes from one of the most active participants in the #5thpanelguest concept, Axton Kahler, the driving force behind the ZombieOaksComic.com. You can follow him on his Twitter feed HERE. His submission is an add-on panel to one of the most recent Rain Dogs strips, titled “Tastes Like Metal“. His depiction of Ronnie James Dio is fantastic. Shower him with praise. If you’d like to join in contact any of the artists associated with the #5thpanelguest hashtag on twitter.


5th Panel Guest Art – Round 2

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Once again, Rain Dogs is visited by the 5th Panel Guest art Easter bunny to deliver two delicious, painted eggs of pure joy that you, the reader, are lucky enough to witness. To recap from last time, 5th Panel Guest artwork, collected under the #5thPanelGuest Twitter hashtag, allows for one artist to throw in an additional panel or two into a specific strip of another artist.  Two entries come at you today from two very talented artists.

The first piece comes from @jessekiefer who you can follow HERE. He is the driving force behind Tank Monkey and Just For Kicks. Jesse has been Johnny-on-the-spot with collecting all of the #5thPanelGuest artwork and you can find all of the ones made so far by Clicking Here.  His piece is an additional panel referencing the latest strip titled, “Cooking“. His interpretation of the characters are exactly why I love the comic community. It’s a unique feeling when someone interprets your artwork in their own way adding their flavor. The linework is fantastic and the character portrayal is absolutely professional.


The second piece comes from the very skilled @Trinity_Mathews who you can follow HERE. You can find his artwork beautifully displayed oh his DeviantArt Page. His piece is shown below as an additional panel for a recent strip titled, “The Cats Are Evolving“. His use of color is truly masterful and the dialogue is dead on. I would’ve never though in a million years to take a strip in a mystical direction, but Trinity did it effortlessly in just one panel. He truly ran with the #5thpanelguest idea. Keep a look out for his site to be launched in the near future.


5th Panel Guest Art

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Glorious Day of Days…You, the reader, have been lucky enough to experience a double dose of extra comic content from a 3rd party source. Trending under the hashtag #5thPanelGuest on Twitter, a 5th Panel Guest piece happens when one artist decides to add an extra panel to a specific strip in the archives of another artist. The extra panels can be add-ons to the strip, an insert between two panels, or even a behind the scenes of the characters involved. Click any of the pictures below to enlarge the image.

The first 5th Panel guest piece comes from the talented @DavidBarrentine who you can follow here. He is the driving force behind Batteries Also Included.This hilarious piece is an insert into one of the early Rain Dogs strips entitled “Bucket List”. Here is a quick link for the lazy http://raindogcomic.com/?webcomic1=bucket-list . Shower him with your praise for the amazing artwork involved. barrentineThe second piece comes from @ZombieOaks the driving force behind ZombieOaksComic.com. This 5th Panel Guest piece is an add-on to a recent strip titled “Humpty Perks” which you can find here. As you can see Ron has been the victim of a #MustardBomb, one of the trending topics associated with #5thPanelGuest artwork. Contact any of the artists involved to join in on the action.


12 Essential Punk Picks to Get You Violently Out of Traffic

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Bear Vs Shark We’re Sad But Now We’re Rebuilding
The Stooges
Dead Kennedys
– Funland At the Beach
Morning Glory – Divide By
Operation Ivy – Freeze Up
Choking Victim – Hate Your State
Bouncing Souls – Argyle
Swingin Utters – All Laced Up
The Clash – Straight to Hell
Roxy Music – Mother of Pearl
Less Than Jake – My Own Flag
Hot Water Music – Trusty Chords