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Beyond lithium-ion: Researchers reveal a safer, longer ...

Beyond lithium-ion: Researchers reveal a safer, longer-lasting, solid-state battery alternative Researchers have patented the solid-state batteries. Continue Reading

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Zareba® 10 Mile Battery Operated Solid State Fence Charger. Do you need to control animals in an area where you don't have access to AC power? Our Zareba® 10 Mile ... Continue Reading

Dyson walks away from (three) Sakti3 solid-state battery ...

This willingness of investors and the industry’s sense of urgency fell right into the lap of former engineering professor Ann Marie Sastry, founder of solid-state ... Continue Reading

Hellroaring Technologies, inc., Manufacturer of Solid ...

Hellroaring Technologies, inc. designs, manufactures, and sells high quality products such as our dual battery isolator/combiners for use in backup starting of ... Continue Reading

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Lithium-ion battery-cell chemistry is currently dominant in electric cars, not to mention consumer electronics and other fields. But what seems to be an army of ... Continue Reading

Battery Isolators | Solid State Relays

POWER-GATE, The World's Smallest and Most Efficient High Current MOSFET Array Solid State Relays, Battery Isolators, & Low Voltage Disconnects. Full Continue Reading

Battery Researchers Mystified by New Goodenough Paper on ...

Battery Researchers Mystified by New Goodenough Paper on Solid State Battery (“It’s Kind of Like Cold Fusion”) Continue Reading

bought solid-state battery company, Sakti3, for - VentureBeat

Dyson, the U.K. company famous for its bagless vacuum cleaners, has acquired solid-state battery company Sakti3 in a deal worth $90 million. Continue Reading

Custom battery pack manufacturer - UFO Energy

UFO Energy is a professional lithium battery manufacturer of lithium battery,custom battery pack, LiFePO4 battery in mobile phone, power tool, wireless device and EV ... Continue Reading

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Using solid-state electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries offers increased safety, longer battery life spans and increased energy densities - with a catch. Continue Reading