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March 27, 2017: 12 volt and 24 volt Smart Battery Isolators with 80+ amps pass through and solid-state control: 180 Amp hybrid battery isolator. Continue Reading

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Hellroaring Technologies, inc. designs, manufactures, and sells high quality products such as our dual battery isolator/combiners for use in backup starting of ... Continue Reading

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The solid-state battery is promising a lot of benefits over current lithium-ion cells, so we break down the key differences and what to expect. Continue Reading

bought solid-state battery company, Sakti3, for - VentureBeat

Dyson, the U.K. company famous for its bagless vacuum cleaners, has acquired solid-state battery company Sakti3 in a deal worth $90 million. Continue Reading

Battery Isolators | Solid State Relays

POWER-GATE, The World's Smallest and Most Efficient High Current MOSFET Array Solid State Relays, Battery Isolators, & Low Voltage Disconnects. Full Continue Reading

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UFO Energy is a professional lithium battery manufacturer of lithium battery,custom battery pack, LiFePO4 battery in mobile phone, power tool, wireless device and EV ... Continue Reading

Lithium-ion co-inventor helps develop solid-state battery ...

Electronics; battery technology; Lithium-ion co-inventor helps develop solid-state battery that is non-combustible, inexpensive and has a long lifespan Continue Reading

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Using solid-state electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries offers increased safety, longer battery life spans and increased energy densities - with a catch. Continue Reading

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Scottyb's Golf Carts Unlimited Home page. Learn how to improve your carts performance. Speed controls, Dics Brakes, Custom Cables, Meters, & more Continue Reading

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The Digital Battery Charger (DCR) from AMETEK Solidstate Controls is a thyristor-based system, designed for high efficiency conversion of incoming commercial AC to DC ... Continue Reading