Devel Sixteen

When the Devel Sixteen model was showcased at the Dubai
auto show in 2013, many people were outright skeptical. We
thought the developers were outright ambitious and that a model
with such a monstrous engine would be impossible to make, at
least in the near future.

No one could imagine any automaker or design house building a
5,000 horsepower engine and make it small enough to fit in a
supercar. Well, we were wrong; the developers have commissioned
an American company, Steve Morris Engines to build the engine
and as evidenced by the video doing rounds on YouTube, the
engine is almost done.


Devel Sixteen Exterior and Interior

The Devel Sixteen has looks to back up its monstrous
engine. The model looks to have borrowed exterior cues from the

Pagani Zonda R and
Lamborghini Veneno.

However, the exterior looks can be deceiving. When contacted,
Steve Morris Engines, the company contracted to develop the
monstrous engine claimed that the developers of the model
wanted him to craft the car itself which he declined arguing he
does not build cars. This means that the Dubai group of
developers is yet to craft a platform that will accommodate the
engine leave alone designing other features of the vehicle.


As such, we are gonna wait for a little longer to see the car
on the streets. The model they showcased in 2013 was just a
visual prototype of what they want to create. Just when you
think you have seen the weirdest automobile, another developer
comes up with a surprise. Read along to learn more about this


The monstrous engine and its performance

Well, a video doing rounds on the internet shows a gigantic
12.3 L, V-16 engine. The engine appears to have four
turbochargers which produce a maximum power output of 4,515
horses. The engine is built by Steve Morris Engines. The engine
is built from a single piece of billet block. Unlike what many
people think, not 2 V8s put together but a single V16 block.


Other features of the engine are its 81 mm, four turbos, a huge
intake manifold and a one-piece crankshaft. The engine has
taken the company 18 months to craft. When paired with a
suitable dyno, the engine produces 3,000 hp in “street mode”
when running on normal fuel. With race fuel, the model cranks
out 4,515 hp and 3,500 lb-ft of torque. I never knew I would
see a car with these rating in my lifetime but now here it
is…talk of man and his love for the 4-wheeled toys.

By now, you must be anxious to find out what the power output
translates in real life driving. Well, the automaker says the
engine will power the hypercar to 60 mph from standstill in 1.8
seconds and that’s “lightening” fast. The creators of the Devel
went on to allege that the model will have a top speed of 348
mph equivalent to 560 km/h.

The engine is still a prototype but I believe the automaker
will have a running version of the model pretty soon; all we
can do in the meantime is wait for this superfast model.


How much do I need to get one?

Well, if you want to get the fastest car in the world, you will
have to pay top dollar for it.  According to rumors, the
Devel Sixteen will go for around £620,000 equivalent to $1M. In
addition, the rumors also allege that three buyers have already
placed their orders for the “Devil”.

However, the logic to build hypercars still beats me. First,
you can’t drive this car everyday on the streets and second,
you will never get to drive the car to its full potential, as
you are not the only car on the roads. While in theory, you can
drive the car from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in under an hour
assuming you are the only car on the road and assuming you
won’t veer off the road at speeds north of 300 mph, you will
never get to take t on such a run in real life.