GMC Envoy Concept Review, Price

Designed with an alluring design, the GMC Envoy SUV is the best
family car that you can have. The car has been tailor-made for
the thrill of driving offering you not only speed, but also
space and comfort. Since the introduction of the GMC envoy,
different designs have been created to offer versatility to the
people. Now, the General Motors have introduced yet another
fascinating design, the GMC Envoy Concept. You need to expect
an upgraded SUV version as the new GMC comes with luxury
features that will give you the ultimate experience.

GMC Envoy Concept - front

GMC Envoy Concept – Stylish Exterior and Interior Design

The new GMC Envoy Concept comes with an enthralling exterior.
From a glance you will see that the exterior or the new SUV is
similar to the other models that have been introduced. But,
there have been different improvements that have been added to
the car. The new model will come with an improved wheelbase.
The exterior of the SUV has been designed with different
materials including aluminum. Because of this, the SUV is not
as heavy compared to the previous designs. With the improved
body weight, you will be able to drive with ease. The reduction
on the overall weight of the SUV will also reduce the fuel
consumption. The new proposed design will be created with
different features that will make it easy for you to drive on
any terrain. The headlights will be designed with the LED
technology to provide better light intensity. The new model
will come with a better and improved grille which will have the
GMC logo included. The air vents will also be redone to offer
more air circulation on the engine.


The interior of the proposed GMC Envoy will be a great
improvement to the older version. Take a glimpse at the new
model and you will get to see technology at its best. As usual
the SUV will spacious enough to offer you comfort and
flexibility. First and foremost the SUV is designed using
leather and wood. The seats will be designed with the heat
technology. It will be designed with the modern entertainment
systems including the touch screens and WiFi. It also includes
modern air conditioning system and the smart phone connectivity
like Bluetooth and USB. The new design will come equipped with
modern security features like the parking sensors, rearview
camera and airbags. The SUV comes with maximum cargo

GMC Envoy Concept - interior

GMC Envoy Concept – Main Power Production Unit

The GMC Envoy Concept shows that the car will have two engine
versions. One engine will be the V6 with a
capacity 3.6 liters capacity. The engine comes with a 280
hp. The other engine is the V8 with a capacity of 5.8. The
engines will come with 6 or 8 speed automatic transmissions.

GMC Envoy Concept - rear

GMC Envoy Concept – Expected MSRP and Availability

The new GMC Envoy Concept model is expected to grace the world
late 2016 and early 2017. The SUV price is yet to be announced
but, based on the previous models you can expect to part with a
price between $25,000 and $33,000.