New Ferrari Dino

Return of the legend, Executive Director of FCA Group, Sergio
Marchionne, has officially confirmed that the new Ferrari Dino
see the light of day.

After making its debut in 1968, the Ferrari Dino is said to
make a comeback in the near future. The expected release date
is still unknown, but there have been some rumours containing
vital specifications making their rounds, giving us just enough
of a tease to make the resurrected Dino sound extremely


1969 Ferrari Dino 246 GT

Ferrari Dino was produced from 1968 to 1976, named to honor
Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari’s son and heir Dino
Ferrari. Dino models used Ferrari racing naming
designation of displacement and cylinder count with two digits
for the size of the engine in deciliters and the third digit to
represent the number of cylinders, i.e. 246 being a 2.4-litre
6-cylinder and 308 being a 3.0-litre 8-cylinder.

Dino 206 GT (1968-1969) had 2.0
liter V6 engine with 178 hp mated to a manual 5 speed manual

Dino 246 GT and GTS
(1969–1974) had 2.4 liter V6 engine with 192 hp mated
to a manual 5 speed manual transmission.

Dino 308 GT4 2+2
(1973–1976) had 3.0 liter V8 engine with
250 hp, 1976-1980 was produced as the Ferrari

It seems as though the news of the return of the Dino is being
kept as sensational as possible, so there is not too much
information on the actual design of the interior and exterior
of the sports car is available.


Exterior of new Ferrari Dino

As with any modern day Ferrari, one can expect nothing but the
best in terms of design. The car is said to be a mid-engined,
two seater super car, which will be a “baby brother” to the
Ferrari 488. Being a Ferrari, only the most beautifully sleek
bodywork, fitted with the highest quality alloy wheels and
tires can be expected.


New Ferrari Dino Render


The interior of the car should not be equipped with less than
the finest quality genuine leather, the latest entertainment
and sound system, and the most advanced driver information

Unlike the original Dino, the new car will not be a sub-brand
of Ferrari, but a complete addition to the Ferrari model range.
Originally, the Dino was created to fill a lower price gap,
while being able to compete with the Porsche 911, but at the
same time, not taint the name that Ferrari had built for itself
by being a “cheaper” car.



It has been mentioned that the new Dino will feature a V6
engine, and whether it will be naturally aspirated or
turbocharged is still a mystery. The power figure range that
Ferrari is aiming for is around 375kW (502hp) but with no
mention of the torque figures.

Due to the Dino being a smaller car, with a smaller engine,
having better fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions would
seem to be a key point in the overall creation of the super
car. With all the facts in place, it is easy to assume that
this will be an “entry-level” Ferrari, but Marchionne has
stressed that it should not be considered entry level, as it
will proudly carry the Ferrari badge.


New Ferrari Dino Spy Photo


The new Ferrari Dino is estimated to be priced at around $200
000,00 (around the same retail price of the Ferrari

All in all, with the specifications that have been mentioned
thus far, the new Ferrari Dino promises to be a super car that
will not disappoint even the most avid Ferrari enthusiast.



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