Subaru Legacy and Outback Recall 2016

Buyers beware! Your Subaru Outback or Legacy could experience
steering failure at any time. Well, Subaru America has
discovered that around 48,500 models from the above-mentioned
brands could have been fitted with faulty steering columns. The
problem came to light at the beginning of this month when an
affected customer reported a steering column failure on a 2016
Subaru Outback. Subaru acted swiftly to stop sales of the
affected models on May 9th and issued a recall on

The automaker went a step further to warn owners no to drive
the affected models until the issue is resolved.  Luckily,
there are no reported cases of injury or accident related to
the faulty steering columns.


Subaru Legacy and Outback Recall-What is the problem?

The problem is that the steering column can experience a total
loss of steering connection to the front wheels. However, in
most cases, only looseness in steering feel is experienced.
According to Subaru, the problem is as a result of an incorrect
setting for an equipment used in building the steering columns.

This tool could have machined the steering column shafts in a
faulty way meaning the shafts might not engage properly which
may enable the steering wheels to rotate freely.

Vehicles affected

According to Subaru America, around 48,500 models may be
affected. These models are 2016 and 2017 Subaru Outback wagons
and Legacy sedans. However not all models but rather those
built between 29th February 2016 and 6th
May 2016.

Of those models, around 22,000 had already been bought while
the rest are in dealer showrooms or in the production pipeline.
Some 2015 Outbacks, specifically those built on 14th
May 2015 may be also affected as they got the defective columns
as repair.


2017 Subaru Legacy

What should affected customers do?

As said above, Subaru is advising owners of the affected models
to stop driving them immediately and take them to Subaru
dealers to be checked.  To tell if your car was built
during the specified period, check a sticker on the driver’s
doorjamb which carries the month of manufacture.

You might wonder how you will take your car to the dealer and
you have been advised to stop driving it, well, upon your call
to the dealer, the dealer will send a towing truck to your
location and tow it for free. If the dealer establishes that
your car needs repairs, you will be given a free loaner or a
rental car as your car gets fixed.

The repair takes roughly an hour; the automaker says that the
inspection does not take long and that the repair is easy.
However, affected customers might wait for a few days as Subaru
manufactures additional steering columns. According to the
automaker, dealers are currently fixing models in their
dealerships. As such, if you want to buy any of the affected
models, talk to your local dealer to find out if there is an
available model.


As Subaru deals with this steering wheel column defect, the
automaker is also grappling with another recall. The automaker
is recalling around 766 2015 Subaru Legacy and Outback models
made on 20th July 2015. The models have a problem
with their electronic stability control systems. Subaru
observes that brake fluid used on these cars may have excess
moisture which might affect the performance of the stability
control system which may result in poor vehicle control leading
to crashes. Luckily, no accidents linked to the problem have
been reported.