Tesla Model 3 Concept

The 2017 Tesla Model 3 should become widely known as Tesla’s
mainstream vehicle. It will be 20% smaller than the Model S and
is an essential project for the company since it wishes to make
its electric vehicles more affordable for a much wider range of

The original name was to be “Tesla Model E” but after a dispute
with Ford it was decided that called “Model 3”. Tesla wants to
show the international market that they can produce vehicles
that can reach a genuinely mainstream audience. Clearly, Tesla
is thinking intensely about this aspect of the marketplace with
the upcoming release.


Elon Musk, one of Tesla’s senior analysts, confirmed features
included in this vehicle such as a large touchscreen display
and a raft of driver-assist features.

The physical design of the vehicle is also confirmed to be
top-notch, as Tesla has been associated with this quality from
the very beginning. This will also be a crucial feature of the
vehicle if it is to compete against gasoline-powered cars.


Engine and performance

At the event where Tesla model 3 2017 was announced, Musk
stated that the vehicle will be able to travel at least 200
miles (320 km) on a single charge in normal driving conditions,
which is a base expectation. Expected power of lithium-ion
batteries that will power a car is 65 kw / h and enable
the anticipated range of the vehicle.

Some expect that the Model 3 will deliver the same performance
level as the Model S, which is unreasonable considering the
fact that it will be released at half of the price. However,
Musk stated that he expects it to deliver a cohesive
experience, which will make this vehicle stand out from the
competition at the lower price point.


Price and release date

The company is aiming to reveal the Model 3 in March next year.
Musk has announced the target date during the call with Tesla
investors. Of course, the date is still tentative and plans are
likely to change in the following months.

Production of the Tesla Model III would start in mid or late
2017, the latter being more realistic. According to analysts of
electric car sector, Tesla 3 is targeting a price around
$35,000 (31,000 Euros).



During the call, Musk told the investors that Tesla is
currently in the process of validating the Model X, which will
involve millions of miles of travel testing being completed.

Rumor has it among the analyst community that this will further
delay the potential release date of the vehicle.


Tesla began to receive orders for the Model 3, the starting
price is $ 35,000, but the price will go up to $ 42,000 for
most models. Tesla Model 3 will be delivered to first customers
in the second part of 2017.