Zenvo ST1

Zenvo ST1 is a supercar made in Denmark by Zenvo Automotive.
The automaker objective is to build a supercar that is worth
racing on the tracks as well as suitable for daily usage. It
blends together the feeling of driving a hand built supercar
that delivers exceptional motoring needs and safety. All this
is courtesy of excellent Danish design. Its frame will be made
of steel and the body in carbon fiber.

Zenvo ST1 Exterior

The car stretches 183.66 inches long, 80.35 inches wide and has
a height of 47.16 inches. It will have a ground clearance of
4.33 inches and 6.29 inches when hydraulic lifted. It will have
a wheel base of 120.27 inches.

The front fascia features sharp edges on the hood that augur
well with its angular headlights which create a menacing look.
The headlights are housed by huge air intakes which also allow
passage of air to cool the brake ducts. The large air intakes
flank the supercars outstanding hexagonal grille.

At the sides you will be confronted with a lot of lines that
run along the doors to form a muscular side look. At the rear,
you will find twin exhausts below its taillights. The rear
diffuser occupies the large part of the rear which improves its


Zenvo ST1 Interior

The interior of the Zenvo ST1 supercar is covered with carbon
fiber features which are complemented by premium leather and
Alcantara. This brings about the exotic feel associated with
these kinds of vehicles.

The supercar accommodates only two people. The instrument
cluster is fully digitized and displays all important
information required by the driver. The multimedia system comes
with a touchscreen and caries a host of functions such as GPS,
Bluetooth connectivity and hands free phone. The steering wheel
is covered with carbon-fiber but looks ordinary to what we
would expect from such a super car.

Other features include   electrical adjustable racing
bucket seats, keyless ignition, cruise control and 2 in built
airbags for extra safety. Customers will have an option to get
a customized interior if they find the standard interior too
plain for their liking.


Engine, Specs and Performance

Under the hood of the Zenvo ST1 is a 6.8 L V-8 engine which is
both supercharged and turbocharged. This ensures the vehicle
has immediate throttle response no matter how high or low the
revs are. This is important for this unit that is capable of
producing 1,104 hp at 6,900rpm and 1,054 lb-ft of torque at
4,500 rpm.

The Zenvo ST1 will attain a top speed of around 233 mph and
will move from 0-60 mph in only 2.69 seconds. The huge power is
sent to a 6-speed Ricardo manual transmission system which
links up to Zenvo’s own twin-plate clutch and a traction
control system or 7 speed F1 paddle shift gearbox. The engine
has three modes i.e. Wet (normal), sport and race.

With normal mode, the engine only releases 650 hp which makes
the car ideal as a daily road-car. If a driver decides to get
more excited he can switch to the sport mode which produces 850
hp or open all the floodgates for 1104 hp in racing mode.
Traction control diminishes in sport mode and is completely
eliminated in the race mode.


Price and release date

The Zenvo ST1 doesn’t come on the cheap. In fact the auto
maker is only building 15 units. The Zenovo Automotive hasn’t
set an official price, but according to our sources, it will
set back $ 660,000 or around $1.8 depending on the add-ons



His competition  are supercars from famous manufacturers :
Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lykan, Hennessey …